From brand and identity to web and app development, Erick is a strong believer that design is a vehicle to present quality content, while development must engage all users, whether on a mobile device, tablet or screen reader.

Erick’s modest self-taught forays into the World Wide Web in the days of dial-up and Geocities have led to specialties into HTML5, CSS3, web standards, interactivity, branding, packaging, and data visualization. A talented designer, Erick’s logos and design have been featured in Times Square and on the shelves of toy stores nationwide on packaging for a popular card game.

When not researching the latest web technologies, Erick can usually be found at the Verizon Center cheering on the Washington Capitals, or getting an adrenaline high from one of his many extreme sports adventures, including but not limited to bungee jumping, white water kayaking, skiing, and yes, even sky diving.