Chad has been swimming in the intersecting currents of media, society and technology for more than 20 years.

A former sportswriter who was once (briefly, accidentally) named the best female high school sportswriter in the state of Maryland, Chad later worked for the Washington Post and learned the web coding by hand for

Chad has worked with more than a dozen content management systems, and hates most of them. He enjoys crafting solutions that can save clients from his past pain. He gives back by serving on the board of directors at Maryland Media, the parent company of the University of Maryland’s award-winning student newspaper, The Diamondback, where he got his start in journalism.

A frequent contributor to a range of panels, association blogs and other publications, Chad brings his editorial, programming, account management and occasionally appropriate sense of humour to many of Taoti’s largest and most-recognized client projects. He’s available for parties, but prefers happy hour, if that works for you.

Born in D.C, he wrote this at Marvin while bobbing his head to the best mix in the city.