Brent started building websites out of a college dorm room in 1996. By 2000, he was running a full-fledge web design company and garnishing press from the likes of Der Spiegel and the Wall Street Journal. Fast forward more than a decade and 700+ projects later, and Brent is still actively involved in the day to day operations and creative direction of everything Taoti puts out. Most web shops are run by a technical chief, so engineering principals tend to trump creativity. Not so at Taoti. With Taoti’s Creative Director at the helm, Brent’s passion for user experience and smart design steer the ship. And speaking of steering the ship, when Brent isn’t creative directing, he’s quite literally steering the ship! Brent captains Taoti’s boat, Pescatore. Our somewhat famous company perk, Taoti takes to the Potomac for Friday afternoon happy hour cruises after the weekly staff meeting. This is a great time to pick up clients, prospects, and friends of the firm. If you’re in the area on a Friday afternoon, be sure to follow @taotiCreative on twitter for our weekly cruise invitation!