Design to empower a life-saving mission.


WorldAware Brand Guidelines Book

An evolution in threat detection.

When iJET procured red24 and Prescient Traveler, a need arose for a new name and brand identity that would unify a singular mission: to enable multinational organizations to prepare for, monitor and respond to potential threats. Enter: WorldAware. A name that reflects a global presence, unmatched intelligence and risk monitoring – and holds up to a striking, new suite of brand materials and a cutting-edge Drupal 8 website to boot.

World Aware's font guidelines

Instilling a sense of security.

WorldAware’s new brand identity needed to be bold, and it needed to immediately convey a sense of security. And Taoti delivered. Not just a new logo, but a full suite of print collateral, corporate identity templates, and swag. The organization’s new brand is a testament to what they do best: monitor. It’s an unmistakeable promise to their clients, partners and colleagues around the world that they will always stand by them to help secure the safety and well-being of their people and their operations.

WorldAware animated logo
  • WorldAware logo use against different backgrounds
  • WorldAware business cards front and back designs
  • WorldAware letter head design front and back
  • WorldAware glass design for meeting rooms and such
  • WorldAware branded apron

Rejecting the cookie-cutter approach.

Next, the organization needed a flexible website that would showcase their new brand and integrated approach to risk management. Taoti built a powerful Drupal 8 home online for WorldAware that’s not only eye-catching, but also secure and streamlined. Custom animations and graphics excite the user while Drupal Paragraphs seamlessly accommodate and display vast amounts of expert information.