TTTO Box (“Tweet to Turn On” Box)

Wouldn’t it be better if you could just tweet at something to turn it on?

That’s exactly what our aptly-named Tweet-To-Turn-On Box does.  This portable power outlet is run by a Raspberry Pi and does just what its name implies: turns on the outlet when you tweet the magic hashtag to a specified Twitter handle (both of which are of course highly configurable.)  The user can control how long the outlet stays on after the tweet (or use the manual override switch to keep the outlet on.)  As simple as this device is, the uses are endless and very powerful for a variety of publicity and marketing applications.

If you happen to be in our neighborhood and want to test drive these devices for yourself, you can tweet #MakeItBubble @TaotiLabs to turn on our roof-mounted bubble machine for 30 seconds and blanket the street with bubbles.  Or try #WaveToMe (also @TaotiLabs) to inflate our ‘wavy man’ on the roof.  The kids will love it!

What else could you turn on with a simple tweet??  And how could you use that to drive traffic, sales, visits, or whatever?

Note: While still in prototype development, we are happy to sell these devices. $100 each, including shipping anywhere in the US.  Contact us if you’d like one!

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