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IEG Website Redesign

The goals of evaluation are to learn from experience, to provide an objective basis for assessing results. The Independent Evaluation Group (IEG), an independent unit within the World Bank Group assesses the World Bank Group’s work and provides accountability in the achievement of its objectives. To expand the influence of IEG, a website redesign was in order to help users find evaluations, promote timely thought leadership, and improve website manageability, scalability, performance and compatibility.

Taoti led the design effort for The World Bank Independent Evaluation Group’s new Drupal 8 website. The goal was to clearly and quickly articulate to visitors the core of what IEG does, and to make the site relevant, highly intuitive for users to find information, and easy to search as well as update.

During the discovery process, Taoti undertook a series of interviews and research activities, including a deep-dive into the group’s analytics and a competitive audit, to put together a list of recommended targeted audiences as well as overall site goals for the new website. IEG’s website organizes information in a clear and logical way, providing web-specific knowledge products including infographics, videos, policy briefs, and interactive reports in a dynamically-rendered resource hub.

Since the launch date through April 2017, the site has been effectively operating to fulfill its intended purposes. IEG has seen a 141% increase in report downloads from the new website compared to the previous one. Additionally, the new site has increased downloads over 100% each month since the launch.

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