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Alliance for Biking & Walking’s Annual Benchmarking Report

Since 2007, the Alliance for Biking and Walking’s biennial Benchmarking Report has represented a comprehensive, actionable collection and analysis of data on bicycling and walking in all 50 states, the 52 largest U.S. cities, and a select number of midsized cities. Over the years, the report has become a vital tool for public officials, advocates, decision-makers, city planners, transportation professionals, public health professionals, and researchers interested in improving mobility options for healthy, vibrant communities.

While the report can be downloaded online in PDF form, the Institute for Transportation Engineers had an opportunity to take the numerous personal stories, data and topics covered in the report to a much larger audience with the development of a new web portal that would serve as a digital foundation for extending its impact through a range of digital channels.

ITE partnered with Taoti Creative to develop an intuitive, responsive, compliant web portal. Taoti and ITE imagined how to transform the comprehensive, informative data into an attractive, intuitive digital project that would inform and enable movers and shakers. Then, we executed.

Taoti worked to simplify the story through compelling, engaging interfaces, paired with a range of back-end and front-end tools to help point people to most relevant datasets. We enabled audiences with a specific topic interest (environment, health, a specific location etc.) to quickly find and share content of interest to them, as well as providing pathways to make all data available for super-users.

It was also clear that the information in the Benchmarking report is working for core audiences. Taoti saw an opportunity for additional audiences to advocate for healthy, vibrant communities through social media with a portal that was built with sharing in mind. But we did not discount how this information is often shared with decision-makers. More often than not, reports are delivered to panels of community leaders in open forums. So, we made each and every report generated able to print to an attractive PDF. Score one for enabling civic action.

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