Virtual Events

Yes, your online event can be as awesome as the in-person one!

Virtual Event Production

Upping Your Virtual Event Game

We're past the point of debating whether events need to be virtual or not. Even without Covid-19 challenges, having an online version of your event makes sense for accessibility and inclusivity reasons as well. The importance of convening has not gone away. We just need to change the way we think about it (and frankly, get better at executing virtual events!)

We have taken a different approach to virtual events. Our platform is a web interface that serves as a foundation for your virtual event. This interface was designed with user experience in mind, to create a unified experience that feels like an event - rather than just a webinar, livestream, or video conference. We're not reinventing the wheel—we leverage the infrastructure and sophistication from the largest, most reliable video communication systems. Our platform is flexible and versatile, allowing you to integrate the technology and tools that work for your organization.

Taoti offers an array of virtual event services—from the platform itself to consulting, integration, and live-event production staff needs. Whether you're looking for a turn-key solution or just some extra hands and expertise to help your team pull off a great online event, we'd love to work with you!

  • Virtual Event Platform
  • Technical and Not-so-Technical Logistics
  • Sponsorship Integration

Virtual Event Platform

Our vision of virtual events goes far beyond simple webinars. We believe any attendee at an online event can have the same experience (or even better!) than at an in-person event. Our virtual event platform establishes a unified experience across the various segments of the event. The Taoti platform goes far beyond inserting logos. We craft the design of your site to create a virtual experience catered to your brand, organization, and industry. Your organization will be set apart by customizing and designing several aspects of our platform. You have the option to keep using the video conferencing or webinar software you’re already using. Or, we can help your team choose a software that fits the event. Either way, we have the technical expertise to integrate these established services into our platform to create a truly custom, white-label experience for your event.

  • Turnkey platform solution
  • Unique user experience
  • Fully customized/branded look and feel
  • Reusable across your organization
  • Integrates Zoom and other video conferencing services

Technical and Not-so-Technical Logistics

When it comes to the day(s) of your event, Taoti can support your team with real people providing production services to speakers, participants and event staff. Whether you want us to be your virtual crew and run the whole show, or just support your existing team as necessary, we’ve got you covered.

  • Dress rehearsals and day-of speaker prep
  • Real time virtual help desk and tech support
  • Virtual green room and associate producers
  • Live moderation for chat / Q&A / polling
  • Real-time web updates
  • Social media management
  • Post-event video production and editing

Sponsorship Integration

We understand sponsors are an integral part of every event, so we want to make sure your platform is designed to facilitate sponsorship visibility to all attendees. Your virtual event, without a doubt, can provide sponsor value and we are here to help you transition sponsorship opportunities to the digital space by offering the following services.

  • Sponsor packets
  • Custom sponsor functionality - live chat, product demos and lead generation
  • Stats and reporting to calculate ROI