Information Architecture

We are brand experience architects.

If content is the king, information architecture is the queen.

The best brands go beyond storytelling to provide vivid experiences that are lived, and which leave a lasting positive impression. These stories become an experience through Information architecture. What does that even mean? It’s not as esoteric as it sounds. Simply put, IA is the art of organizing and presenting your  content so that it makes sense to your specific customers, meets their needs, and keeps them engaged through an easy to digest flow of information. It’s also how search engines can rank you.

Information architecture is the intersection of content and user experience. It’s the harmonization of well crafted content, thoughtful navigation and creative marketing to support and guide your customers to the information that they need.

An effective information architecture:

Organizes your website content in a natural way, with each level of information further building on the previous.
Harmonizes content, website navigation elements, search engine optimization, and lead generation paths.
Helps visitors interpret, navigate and understand their digital surroundings.

Finally, a well crafted information architecture is the foundation that a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is built on. By organizing website content in a way that is friendly to the search engines and answers your customers common questions, you can increase your traffic to your website massively.

At Taoti Creative, our purpose is to help our clients define and build compelling brand experiences. We believe that this requires a close union between strategy and execution, working at the intersection between key disciplines: design, marketing, operations, innovation and technology.

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