Content: Writing for the Web

One of the toughest parts of preparing your new website for launch is developing your content.


Our Process: “Watergile”

Taoti often employs a hybrid method, a fixed timeline, and budget, with an agile process when it comes to the build.


Simple SEO tricks that work

Here are some simple SEO tricks that work.


Plotting High Impact Web Features

The process of building a website and focusing on the features that provide the most impact for the client.


Drupal: You get what you pay for

With Drupal features are cheap and details expensive, but a small detail can make it a fairly complicated feature.


A History of Taoti Creative’s Websites

The first version of the website was created in 1996. Here is the evolution of the Taoti website.


Web migration: The Hostess with the Mostess

This article takes some of the mystery and anxiety out of the moving your website and hosting process.


11 ways to drive more traffic to your site through search engine marketing

Whether you’re looking for minor tweaks or major gains, there is always something you can do to drive more traffic.


Simple logos: complicated matters

If you want to do a logo right, you need to realize a couple of very key things.


The cost of free social media

Check out this infographic that put together about how you can measure social media ROI.