The Pescatore is our boat. She’s a real classic–a 1963 37′ Egg Harbor fishing boat. All wood. She’s not fancy, but she’s got a ton of character. We keep her just up the river from the Nationals ball park and try to get out every other week or so on Friday afternoons. We typically head to the fish market on Main Avenue to get some fresh seafood, take in the Friday night concerts, or venture to the Georgetown Waterfront. We love to entertain clients, prospective hires and friends of the firm on board. The more, the merrier! So if you’d like to join us one of these Friday afternoons, don’t be shy about inviting yourself. While we do sometimes have bigger receptions on board where we make more of a push to invite lots of people, don’t feel like you need to wait for one of those to tag along. We’d love to have you!

Pescatore at sea