The madness of March is over and Taoti was swept up in it, just like everyone else!

For this year’s tournament, our Vice President of Business Development, Matt, set up a bracket challenge for the entire Taoti team. For each bracket filled out, Taoti agreed to donate $10 to the winner’s non-profit of choice.

Throughout the tournament, the Taoti leaderboard was all over the place. After the first round, Kevin took the lead; after rounds 2 and 3, Lisa was on top despite losing her National Champion on the first day. Beth remained in the top 5 throughout the tournament, but after UNC’s victory on April 3rd, she was crowned the winner of the Taoti bracket challenge!

Beth decided to donate her earnings to DC Family & Youth Initiative (DCFYI for short) — a local non-profit that helps teens in foster care find adoptive families. Taoti worked with DCFYI in 2015 to help redesign their site ( in Drupal 7 and tie in to CiviCRM platform. Susan, DCFYI’s executive director, is incredibly kind and passionate about helping out local teens, which made it especially easy to give back to such an incredible organization. For those of you who’ve never heard of DCFYI, you can learn more about what they do here.

Special thanks to Beth, Susan, Matt and Brent who made this all possible.

Until next year, it’s back to baseball. Go Nats!