An open letter to our clients:

We’ve got some exciting news here at Taoti: we’re moving!

We’ve loved our spot on Capitol Hill for the past few years, but we’ve simply outgrown it. So tomorrow (Friday, September 27th), we’re moving into new office space in Dupont Circle! We’ll be back to business as usual by Monday morning (the beauty of being an all digital, cloud-centric business: moves are really easy!)

If you’ve been to our humble space on the Hill, you’ll appreciate that our new space has 5 conference rooms of various shapes and sizes, with wall-to-wall whiteboards, multiple projectors built into the ceiling, miked rooms for conferencing, and of course, a very central location only a block from the Dupont Circle metro station. Not to mention, three times the space that we have now! To call it an upgrade is an understatement.

We’re very excited for the move. It gives us some breathing room to expand and grow, to host developer community events, and of course, to host you, our clients with state-of-the-art facilities that will facilitate our work.

We’d love to have you stop by to see the new space, whether it’s a working session or just to visit. Meanwhile, our new address is below. Please update your records accordingly (this is the address for billing, mailing, and physical.) We will of course have mail forwarding for the next several months, so if something is already in the mail to our old address, don’t worry about it. We’ll still get it.

Taoti Creative
1250 Connecticut Ave NW
Suite 610
Washington, DC 20036

Phone numbers will stay the same (the main line is: 202.546.8946). There is garage parking available in the building. ID is required to get in, but the front desk is great and will happily point you to our floor when you get there.

Finally, we’d just like to say thank you. We couldn’t grow into space like this without great clients like you. This is a milestone move for our small firm, and we feel it’s a testament to our team and our clients that we’ve reached this point. We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with you and very much look forward to serving you going forward from our new space.