Taoti Creative (a Washington, DC-based digital strategy and web development agency) has been recognized as a market leader by SourcingLine in three highly coveted categories: Top Web Design Firm, Top Web Development Firm, and Top Drupal Development Firm.  SourcingLine, an independent IT research firm, analyzed and ranked web design firms from all over the world and chose Taoti Creative as a “market leader” in these three important categories.

Unlike many IT review services, SourcingLine is an independent research firm who doesn’t accept compensation for its positive reviews.  Instead, SourcingLine found Taoti based on their research, analyzed our portfolio, and conducted in depth interviews with some of our past and current clients to get the low down on how we operate.

Taoti averaged better than nine out of ten in SourcingLine’s Leaders Matrix for Web Development Companies.  With customer service being one of Taoti’s core competencies, it was no surprise that our scores were outstanding in every category.   In addition, Taoti’s combination of experience and Drupal specialty prompted SourcingLine to recommend Taoti on all three lists of top web development firm

Part of the SourcingLine process is in depth client interviews.  The Credit Builders Alliance awarded Taoti 5 out of 5 stars in every category including quality, cost, schedule, willing to refer, and an overall rating for our recent website redesign project.  SourcingLine reports that CBA “expressed great enthusiasm and appreciation for the work delivered by Taoti Creative.” CBA also stated, “The thing that I liked the most about them is that they understood what our business line was, and they were able to stay in sync with that.”

SourcingLine also talked to the folks at National Kidney Registry, another one of our long-time non-profit clients. For NKR, we developed a custom web application and have maintained and improved it for the past 4 years. NKR’s commented, “They’re experts in everything. There’s not a thing we can’t bring up to them that they don’t bring somebody to the table to say yes, we can do this.” When asked if NKR would recommend Taoti to other people, NKR said, “Without a doubt.”

Brent Lightner, Taoti’s Founder and Creative Director had this to say, “At Taoti, we’re all about creating smarterwebsites–websites that innovate, provide value, and accomplish objectives.  We try really hard to get the pulse of our clients, as that’s the best way to execute a digital strategy that really gets the job done.  That’s what makes our work smart.  Perhaps the most validating aspect of this recognition is the fact that it’s based on our actual client interviews.  We love our clients and it thrills us to get such positive feedback from them.”  For the full report, including the full transcription of Sourcingline’s client interviews, please visit their website at https://www.sourcingline.com/research/top-web-designers.

Who is SourcingLine?

SourcingLine is a Washington, DC-based research firm focused on IT, design and marketing services.  SourcingLine offers independent, quantitative analysis on leading services firms in support of procurement decisions within small, medium and large enterprises. They publish the leading research on mobile application developers and are rapidly growing our coverage of services in the areas of digital design & marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise content management (ECM), productivity, and business intelligence (BI) and big data analytics.

Read more about SourcingLine here.

Who is Taoti Creative?

Taoti Creative is a Washington-DC based digital strategy and web development shop located in Dupont Circle.  While we dabble in lots of things, we specialize in Drupal web development. We build not just smarter websites, but smarter organizations. We are all about doing ‘smart’ things for our clients.  We’re constantly striving to innovate, be bold, create value, and be the best shop around when it comes to the intersection of creativity and technology.  Some of our noted clients are USAID, California State Senate Caucus, and the National Kidney Registry, which uses proprietary algorithms to match kidney donors with those in need of a transplant. We are very proud of what we have accomplished, and we realize we’re not perfect, yet we’re always getting better—smarter—about what we do and how we do it.