Taoti is located in the shadow of the US Capitol building.  Space is limited around here, so our office is small and humble.  But we painted it our trademark orange so that we’d feel at home.  And we do.  Here are some random shots of the team in their naturual habitat.  DISCLAIMER: pictures of everyone being dialed in and working diligently (as we normally do) are boring.  So the only time someone snaps a photo is when we’re having some fun and blowing off some steam.  Please don’t let the fact that the following photo essay shows our lighter side lead you to believe that we’re anything but a hard-working team! 😉

Jason (we call him “The Beast”) coding away:


Tim dialed in on some work:


Some of the devs dicussing what are surely serious matters, as evident by the somber faces:


Brent’s desk with his infamous bowls of communal peanuts:


We make Melissa do all the whiteboarding, as she has teacher handwriting:


A shot from our UX retreat (which as since become known as “The Great User Experience Summit of 2013”:


Some of the gang relaxing in the back of our boat:


Around here, when you’re working on a production server, you have to wear a viking helmet so that everyone knows to let you focus.  The horse mask is simply personal preference:

Greg in Viking Hat and Horse Head

Greg likes dinosaurs–a bit more than any adult should like little plastic toys.  So, as inspired by The Office, we molded his dinosaurs into a Jello mold one day.  #schnippypranks:


Some of the team from last year’s annual retreat:

iphone 215

The dinosaur thing provides for a neverending source of pranks.  This one involved a toy dinosaur with a string around its leg.  When Greg picked it up, the nerf gun was supposed to shoot him.  It worked perfectly on paper…

Schnippyprank - dino bait nurf gun booby trap - 2

Greg and Jason at DrupalCon 2013:

Greg and Jason at Drupalcon

More to come.  Stay tuned!