Summer is quickly approaching, which means we’re gearing up for this year’s Drupal GovCon! We’re excited to announce that we’re taking the Boot Camp show on the road again at this year’s conference.

Drupal GovCon is a three-day Drupal conference for anyone interested in learning the ins-and-outs of Drupal and connecting with the Drupal community. As one of this year’s gold sponsors, we’re hosting our very own Boot Camp @ GovCon on Thursday, July 23rd! Here’s what you need to know:
WHAT: Boot Camp @ GovCon is for intermediate to advanced content managers looking to make their content ‘smarter’. Our goal is to help you develop a toolkit to address common website requests from your colleagues. More specifically, we’ll cover four key topics: 1) Editing and adding new taxonomy terms, 2) Creating new content types, 3) Creating basic views, and 4) Adding and editing blocks.

WHEN: Boot Camp @ GovCon will be held on Thursday, July 23nd, starting at 11 am. This session will last until about 4 pm. Lunch will be provided by the Gov Con organizers!

WHY: As a content manager for your Drupal site, you probably receive requests from colleagues to add content or functionality. We want to help you respond to these requests by reviewing some important tools. We won’t be able to cover everything Drupal does during the session, but we will also share additional resources for more advanced users. If you’ve got the time, we’ve got three highly skilled instructors prepared to share their knowledge with you! Boot Camp @ GovCon will be led by a handful of our talented team members: Rich, Bree, and Emily.

REGISTER NOW: Registration is absolutely free! Please note: you must be registered for Drupal GovCon in order to attend this session. Class size is limited, so make sure to register soon! You won’t want to miss it.

WANT MORE? Boot Camp @ GovCon is the first of five workshops prepared specifically for intermediate to advanced content managers. Join us throughout August and September for more comprehensive training on these topics and more! Click here for session details and registration.

(PS: We’re also hosting our annual #TaotiBoatParty on Thursday, July 23rd, starting at 5 pm. For details and RSVP information, click here!)