Taoti focuses on moving the needle for our clients. We’re all about solutions – plucking the best ideas from the best minds. We’re excited to unleash *hatch.it*, our latest Augmented reality iPhone app.

Hatch.it is an innovative tool that delivers custom business intelligence advice for common industry challenges by delving into your sub-conscious.



Taoti’s Chief Intelligence Officer, Daniel Duckworth and Senior Experience Designer, Barb Mallard helped the team take flight to hone a technique that analyzes user-interactions with auto-generated images called _kineto-wakeful algorithmic colorgrams_ (KWACs). It extrapolates connections to specific business scenarios and presents individualized findings that fit the bill perfectly – in a virtual environment.

And it works surprisingly well.

While many businesses still rely on highly paid consultants and lengthy planning processes to determine business strategy, new adopters are already flocking to our four-click process that provides superior interactive advice. Get answers without a massive bill.

Download the app from the iTunes app store now, and give it go (it’s free to try).

Want to learn more about Hatch.it? Visit the website at: http://hatchit.today/

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