In honor of AI week at Taoti Creative, I thought jot down a few thoughts about where AI is taking marketing because if you’re not using some form of it yet, you’re going to be left in the dust.

Amazon. Netflix. Wal-Mart. Ebay. They all use deep learning, machine learning and AI technologies to personalize customer experience and make shopping easier and more immersive.

Here’s why: AI helps people find content they want when they want it. At the same time, it boosts PPC results so organizations can optimize where they’re spending media dollars. Best of all, by personalizing what comes up on the mobile phone or computer screen, engagement goes up. Engagement equals more sales and more brand loyalty.

Another area AI helps marketing results? Helpful, efficient chatbots. Yep, the last time you had an online chat with a friendly customer service representative, you were probably “talking” with an AI-powered chatbot. Starbucks. Sephora. MasterCard. The list goes on.

Spotify, the largest on-demand music service in the world with over 150 million listeners uses big data, AI, and machine-learning to drive business success. Considering the 30 million song choices available on the service, using AI algorithms is the best way to sift through millions of hours of content. For Spotify and hundreds of other businesses around the world, personalized, relevant content (including location-based offers and notifications) keeps people coming back and maximizes ROI.

AI-generated content could make today’s content writers obsolete. Not next year. Not in two years. But soon. There are AI tools that can generate e-mail content, social messages, and an awful lot more – right now. Thankfully, for me at least, content definitely needs a personal touch.

Humans still have the edge in imagination, understanding, humor, and of course, passion. So, until the day AI can mimic our emotions and magically transform data into dreams, writers are safe. (Whew.)


– Barb Jump