Keep Your Passwords Secure If you are a client of Taoti, hadn’t changed your password in a while or if your password was easy to guess, and got an email from us to change your password, it’s because security is important to us. Earlier this week, CNN had a good article on their site on “How to create a ‘super password’.”

The article discusses the elements of a good password and explains why you should think twice when you’re about to use your girlfriend’s name as the basis of your next banking or hosting password account.

Every website that does anything useful for you asks you to register and login. Other sites, as mentioned in the article, use central authorities such as Facebook or Twitter to automatically authenticate you. As the number of passwords you need to remember grows, you may want to consider a good tool that can keep your passwords safe. The tool suggested in is not that good. We recommend using something like Last Pass, which encrypts your passwords on one site, which you can then access from anywhere. They also have a good Adobe AIR application that can run from your desktop whether or not you have an internet connection.