Taoti Labs

Taoti grew up as a web dev shop. But as our team and our clients grew in sophistication, we learned to ask the harder questions about what problems we were trying to fix or what organizational objectives we were trying to accomplish for our clients. After all, you don’t want a website for the sake of a website—you want it to help move the needle for your organization. And once you start thinking about things in those higher level terms, you realize that ‘just a website’ is probably not going to cut it. Organizational strategies are complicated and multi-faceted. And to really make an impact, it’s going to take more than just a revamped website. So how are we really going to move that proverbial needle if we only get to work with the website?

Introducing: Taoti Labs.

Taoti Labs is our innovation department where anything goes. We don’t limit our scope to web development. We don’t necessarily get hung up on best practices. We don’t worry about whether or not we’ve ever done ‘something like that’ before. Instead, we ask the big questions and set out to do or make whatever it takes to achieve those objectives. We don’t always have the answers. So we experiment, test, research, build, and create. And from our innovation laboratory, we’ve come to offer some of our most exciting and effective solutions ranging from virtual reality to connected devices. TaotiLabs isn’t just about ideas either. We’re executers. We have a physical space (our "maker lab") where we work to bring our ideas to life. Below is a small sampling of projects that have come out of TaotiLabs.