As CEO of a digital agency (Taoti Creative), the most important thing I do is hire people.  We’re in the business of custom solutions, so our work is only ever going to be as good as the people doing it, so getting top notch people is directly related to our success—much more so than I think a lot of people realize.  That’s why I still do most of the hiring myself, despite a lot of people telling me that I need to let an HR person do this stuff.  As we have grown and attracted more of a following, our job ads tend to be more fishing with a net than hunting with a rifle.  A single ad recently yielded over 300 applications. And I take personal pride in responding to everyone who applied, one way or another.  I think it’s just respectful, frankly.  But it also forces me to look at everyone, even if just very briefly.  And I’m glad I do because there are some real diamonds in the rough now and then.

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