A movement for the revival of physical spaces, both natural and built

CNU.org Website Redesign

Through its members’ work in communities and regions worldwide, Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) imagines, refines and implements the means for making great places.

Taoti partnered with the CNU Communications team to re-architect and re-design CNU.org to reflect the organization’s extraordinary design tradition.

The website not only serves as a platform that invites a conversation with audiences who recognize the potential of New Urbanism, but also showcases high-quality photos of CNU members’ work. It also provides users access to important resources from members and partner organizations. The CNU.org homepage is a flexible, curated homepage that seamlessly integrates multiple content types in a series of ‘blocks’. The easily updated structure includes a mix of ‘evergreen’ and dynamic content that enables CNU to feature events, articles and graphics. The result is a responsive website that enables visitors to quickly and efficiently learn what CNU is about and what it is currently working on.

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