A Drupal tool for the American Chemical Society, supported by the National Science Foundation.

ChemIDP Web-Based Career Tool

So you’ve finished your degree in chemistry and now it’s time to figure out the first step in your career. What to do? ChemIDP.org was created to provide graduate students and postdoctoral scholars with direction for understanding and achieving their career goals. This individual development plan (IDP) was designed to be used by students and postdocs to facilitate discussion with faculty, advisors, and mentors. Taoti worked with the American Chemical Society to develop a Drupal-based, Single Sign On (SSO) integrated, flexible tool that enables users to undertake the following tasks: Self-Assessment, where users identify their existing skills and the values that are important to them; Skill Strengthening, where users get recommendations for increasing their marketability; Goal Setting, where users actively chart a path forward; Career Exploration, where users can drill down through faceted filters to scope out their career options recognizing that users might want to start this exercise from different points, the tool is built so users can start anywhere, save their assessments and accomplishments as they go, and ultimately use it as a flexible, powerful navigation device for their future.

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