We are

We consider each project as if it were our own—from where we choose to spend our time (your money) to whether or not a feature is really going to achieve the spirit of its intent. Websites that move the needle forward. Websites that get the right hand talking to the left hand within an organization. Websites that focus on goals and objectives—not technical blueprints. Websites that convert. Websites based on digital strategy and data instead of guesswork and personal preferences. Websites that are smarter.

Taoti’s Mission:
To innovate, create, and execute ideas and strategies that really move the needle.

  • The best way to serve our clients is to advocate for their end users.
  • Simpler is usually better.
  • Form and function don’t compete; they complement.
  • “Internal politics” is not a good reason to make bad decisions.
  • Reinventing the wheel is seldom a good use of time and money.
  • Technology isn’t always the answer. Sometimes you’ve got to fix the work flow.
  • The details matter.
  • Fewer great features are better than more not-so-great ones.
  • A great website without great content is not a great website.
  • A website can — and should — serve the client’s mission.


Attention to detail! Not just with regard to bugs and defects, but we examine our work to see if there are any tweaks to be gained in the user experience, information architecture, 508 compliance, etc.


The wow factor! When a user comes to a website and has that visceral “whoa, that was cool” reaction— that’s what we’re striving for. Not eye candy for the sake of eye candy, but we’re always looking for ways to push design and interactivity to drive more results and meet more objectives.


Communication is key! Our projects require intimate relationships with our clients. And that only happens when communication is candid, transparent, and frequent. We aren’t “yes-men.” We won’t always agree. But we’ll give you our best thoughts and honest input and ultimately respect your call.

We only want to make the very best for our clients. Here are a few times when we made that happen.




  • American Society of Association Executives Gold Circle Awards – Merit Award, Website Category: We Are Apartments