Taoti Creative is a Washington-DC based digital strategy and web development shop. While we dabble in lots of things, we specialize in Drupal web development. And we are seeking a full time web developer to help us build Drupal websites. This is a junior/mid-level type of position. The job will involve a lot of ‘site building’ in Drupal (creating content types, building out pages, some light theming, etc.) You’ll work with (often side-by-side) more experienced Drupal developers and architects who will largely set you on the right path and then oversee your build-out of the website. You’ll learn how a small but ‘real agency’ systematically produces large-scale projects from the ground up–things like a legit discovery process, an established “watergile” methodology, git version control, project management, task allocation, quality control, etc. You’ll be working on real, major projects in a meaningful way–such that that you’ll be able to point to and say, “I did that.” Clients include the likes of USAID, The California State Senate, National Democratic Network, Women for Women International, the Ocean Foundation, etc. (We do a lot of non-profit work, but also work with nationally-recognized government and commercial clients.)

We’re not going to throw out a laundry list of skills that you need to have. If you’ve got the basics under your belt and some decent experience with any sort of major CMS, that will do. We’ll teach you the rest. We’re more concerned about finding a quality individual—someone reliable, accountable, ambitious, pays attention to detail, works hard, wants to advance, etc. (That said, we won’t pretend that some sort of tangible track record doesn’t matter. We don’t care so much as to what you’ve built things in, but we’d love to see anything you’ve worked on–pet projects, personal sites, school projects–whatever.)

This is a stepping-stone kind of position—the sort of job you take to get paid to become a Drupal guru so that you can climb up the food chain both within the Drupal community, as well as within the company to advance your career. You’ll get a chance to learn from some of the best devs around with real hands-on training and guidance—not just reading help files and searching on the community forums. It’s our sincere hope that after you become proficient and then master your Drupal skills, you’ll move up the ladder to become a mid-level and then senior developer or architect here at Taoti. As your skills grow, we’ll give you the opportunity to explore and focus on different paths (ie, front end, back end, module development, advanced interactivity, etc.) The more talent and ambition you demonstrate, the faster you’ll build your skills, portfolio, and advance your career.

It’s a junior/mid-level position. We’re not expecting you to be an expert in anything just yet—to the extent that you are really passionate or good at something in particular, it’s icing on the cake. But what we do want from you is an honest assessment of what you’re good at and not so good at and what you want to be good at– some idea of where your focus or passion lies within the world of web development would be useful. And we’d like to know about what you’re longer term ambitions are so that we know how to support and motivate you as you get from here to there.

Just a quick blurb about Taoti: we’re a boutique digital strategy and web dev agency located in Dupont Circle (Washington DC.) We are all about doing ‘smart’ things for our clients. We’re constantly striving to innovate, be bold, create value, and be the best shop around when it comes to that intersection of creativity and technology. We’re a fun bunch and do fun things (last week we went bowling at the White House. Next week we’re taking West Wing tours. A couple months ago we hosted our own “UX Summit.” We have a company boat that we like to take out on Fridays. There’s an office kegorator. The walls are bright orange. Uber-casual dress code). You get the idea. Great benefits and lots of perks. But don’t let the fun factor fool you. We have assembled a serious team of top-notch people capable of damn near anything we put our minds to. Our shop goes head to head with the biggest and most established shops around. We certainly don’t win against them every time, but often enough to have been taken note of. As our company grows in size and reputation, it also lets as grow into bigger and better accounts—projects where we really get to spread our wings and innovate as we do good in the world (a big advantage of having so many non-profit clients is that most of our work comes with a high degree of ‘feel-good’ built in). We’re not perfect, but we’re always getting better—smarter—about what we do and how we do it. And we’re looking for more like-minded creative technologists to come help us take ‘it’ to that proverbial next level.

If you think you’re our type of person and we’re you’re type of group, we’d love to hear your thoughts as to why you think so.

Please send your resume, cover letter, and any sample work/links to jobs@taoti.com. We’re as interested in you as we are your skills, so please don’t be afraid to let us know who you really are. We’re looking for a long-term team member here in which we’ll invest heavily early on in the hopes of having a career employee to become part of the core team as our company grows.