I’m Brent. Chain smoking and womanizing tendencies aside, I’m basically our Don Draper here at Taoti Creative. (Taoti is a Washington, DC-based digital strategy and web development agency.) As we grow, I’m finding I need more time to be Cooper, which means I need a new Don Draper to head up and build out our creative department. I need a creative leader who is as strategic as she/he is artistic. And someone who can walk into a board room, command a presence, and not just dazzle, but really convince the players in the room (their side and ours) that you’ve got the innovative ideas and raw talent to create great work—work that delights as it impacts. Work that fosters change. Work that is effective, efficient, and smart.

If you’re my next Don Draper, you already know it and you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to be the leading creative role at a growing digital agency. Taoti has the client base, process, and development team in place to provide your canvas. We just need you to be brilliant with it.

If you’ve got the goods, you can write your own job description, compensation package, list of perks—whatever you want. But you gotta have the goods—which means experience and a body of work that would feel right at home amongst Webby award winners, or the like.

C’mon Don (or Donna, as the case may be.) Come join us. Be part of the magic. Make an impact while making a name for yourself and for our firm.


PS: Sorry, not interested in freelancers, outsourcing, recruiters, anyone who can’t provide an appropriate portfolio of web development work, or anyone who doesn’t know who Don Draper is.