Yeah, it’s cliché, but at Taoti, most of our worth as a company is derived by the people that make up the team. So new hires are a big deal to us—not something we take lightly. And so it’s with no small modicum of excitement that we announced Kaitlin Houser’s addition to the team! Kaitlin’s role is in marketing—both for Taoti and for Taoti clients. With her degree in Marketing from the University of Tennessee, Kaitlin has the knowledge and skills to create a competitive strategy, build a brand image, and further brand awareness of a company.

Don’t let her small-town, southern background fool you. She is as tough, smart, and dedicated as they come. Kaitlin’s commitment to advancing the brands and ideas of Taoti and its clients is sure to raise some eyebrows as she works toward achieving some pretty tenacious goals. Fresh out of school, Kaitlin comes with social media knowledge and experience built-in. She grew up with it in a way that other people haven’t and thus brings a fresh perspective to our digital strategy business. As the Marketing Coordinator for Taoti, Kaitlin has been tasked with a whole new set of outreach goals that will hopefully expand our reach and help us better connect with our own customers. For a lot of initiatives, she’ll use Taoti as her guinea pig for new and innovative marketing methods. And then we can use our experience and results of those efforts on behalf of our clients as well. We’re excited to have Kaitlin aboard. She’ll be good for us. And good for our clients!